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  • The daughter and I just made the canned chicken balls with mozzarella and parmesan. Amazing dude! Smores protein cheesecake in the oven now, so far I’ve been very impressed man

  • Hi, I’m messaging from London and I wanted to thank you for your easy to follow and fantastic recipes. I never cook or properly cooked before, and your recipe makes me want to go to the kitchen and make something new.

    Please carry on and experiment with more!

  • Hey Derek,

    Recently found your website and you are my new hero. I am slowly going through and trying your recipes. Cottage cheese has become part of my breakfast routine thanks to you.

    A couple requests
    1. I wish there was a way for folks to vote on favorite recipes and then we could sort on those votes. I get something like this on youtube, but on your website would be awesome.
    2. I wish I could sort by the amount of calories in a recipe. Since I am cutting, I typically like the lower calorie options.

    Thanks again! I can’t wait to try your protein cheesecake.

  • Hey Derek! First of all I want to thank you for sharing your recipes. You’ve helped me a lot with nutrion part as I’m switching to healthy lifestyle. I was watching one of your videos and you mentioned that you were going to publish a book. If you’ve already published, can you please provide a link to purchase your book. If you haven’t published yet, can you please kindly provide an update how soon it’ll be ready to purchase. Once again, Thank you!

    • Thanks for the support Kamal! I’m so glad these recipes have helped you progress. It will definitely be available within the next 6 months, I’ll do a video before I plan to launch it! 🙂

  • Hi Derek,

    my girlfriend and me are regularly watching your videos – keep going and please keep us posted when your recipe book is ready!!

    Thanks for the great recipes and greetings from Vienna (Austria/Europe)


  • Awesome stuff! Love the chicken recipes, no more of the dry/bland boring chicken for me. Appreciate what you do! Keep it up!!

  • Just got to say man you’re the reason I love cooking! Made your pot pie recipe and it sparked a passion in me that I never knew I had! I’ve tried a bunch of your recipes and it’s awesome cause it’s all going towards my greater goal of being healthy and looking good! Keep it up man you’re changing the quality of lives here man! Ps. I have a spice cabinet now thanks to you!

  • Last year i made an incredible transformation in 3 months. Couldn’t have done it without your desserts satisfying my sweet tooth!

    Just made the chicken parm yesterday and it was amazing.

    Thanks so much!!

  • Hey Derek,

    Would you be able to continue making more cottage cheese videos?

    Perhaps you could make an individual section for cottage cheese recipes?

    They are delicious! Keep up the fantastic work.

      • Thanks for maintaining this website as well. You’ve literally shattered my old paradigm of how to eat healthy.

        It’s put things in way more realistic terms and simplified the whole process of nutrition for me.

        The cottage cheese diet is heavily underrated.

  • Just made your Low Carb Protein Mug Cake…. omg Love it!! And it’s macro friendly, a plus! Keep coming up with awesome recipes! 🙂

  • oK I have a thyroid that went nuts, I got curly hair and now it is straight and my hair is dropping out!
    I mean really losing my hair, I have an appointment with the Thyroid Doctor in a week, but everyone says I need protein! I don’t eat much, I am 64 and have lost 50 pounds in the last year or so, now what can I do to get as much protein and not gain weight before I go bald?

    • Hi Nancy! Losing or gaining weight is all about staying within your means. Did he give you a diet to follow? As long as you’re not consuming more calories than you need, you shouldn’t be gaining weight! I would start off with a protein shake or two and go from there (to see how you react).

  • HI Derek ……. greetings from London England…….I will be trying your recipes in the next few week but was just wondering – do you have any vegetarian recipies as i also want my mum to try your meals but she is a Vegy – thanks

  • Your protein cheesecakes = amazing. I’m so happy I found your site! Who knew I’d be able to exceed my protein goal for the day, stay under calorie budget AND still eat cookie dough cheesecake. Or chocolate explosion cheesecake. Or smore’s. Gahhh. So many cheesecakes to eat!!! Cheers to all the Gainz and Nomz!

  • Derek I Absolutely love your channel, I have been searching for a channel as yours sense I started in in the gim cause I love sweets but I love more being healthy and having a great body so I searched most of the youtube channels: Buff Dudes, The Diet Kitchen, The Diet Chef… but none of them is as good as you are!!! I know that when I see a new recipe of Derek Howes that recipe is Delicious and super Healthy

    Thank you for the recipes and keep going

    ps: My favourite recipes are the cookies and cream cheesecake, the nutella protein bars, the triple chocolate protein oatmeal cookies and the frozen protein peanut butter cups!!

  • Hi Derek! I love all of the recipes I’ve tried and I really love the slow cooker ones. I’d love to see a few new ones in the mix. Thanks for all the great recipes!! Keep it up!

  • Hey Derek,

    These recipes are awesome! Keep up the good work. Any chance you can compile a list of low-sodium recipes?

    • Hey Anthony! Thank you! You can actually make most of these recipes low sodium just by switching up a couple of the ingredients with lower sodium alternatives. Let me know if there’s a specific recipe and I can help you out with what to switch up!

  • Derek- Thank you so very much for your recipes. I was recently diagnosed as a T2 diabetic. I had searched, exhausted and given up on finding HEALTHY and DELICIOUS meals and resolved myself to severe limits. But when I accidentally found you on youtube I was more than pleased! -my husband too. What I love the most is the fact that you post the nutritional content of the whole meal as well as the individual servings. Please continue to do this. Most others out there do not do this. I take great seriousness in knowing exactly what is in what I eat. Thank you again and we will be supporting you!

  • Man, you have changed my life, over the years I have followed so many (so called) chefs, did so many tasteless high protein, low Carb recipes, but that all changed the moment someone pointed me to your YouTube channel.
    Thank you is not enough, I bought your recipe book, I buy the stuff you recommend mostly to support you.
    Keep the recipes coming 🙂

  • whats going on Derek! First off love your channel. I’m finally eating right and getting gains because of the recipes you made. it makes eating right enjoyable and easy. Just bought your protien baking powder awesome stuff. Just wondering if u can make shrimp or fish tacos recipes? much love !

  • I absolutely love your recipes!! I try and adapt them as much as i can because over here we don’t get half of the ingredients you guys get; you’re lucky! (i’m in Aussie).
    When my brain stops i know i can always pop on here and something will inspire me .. great work!

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