Healthy Ingredients

Here is a listed of the most common/somewhat hard to find ingredients that I use with links to purchase them via Amazon (and sometimes other websites)!

*NOTE: This list is updated as I use new ingredients! Last update? January 2017!

Contact me for brand suggestions and/or if you’d like me to list something specific.

Most Used/Featured:


Extracts, Herbs, Spices, etc…


Baking, Liquids, Toppings, etc…


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  • Thanks for putting together this list! I just discovered your website today and I’ve been browsing through your recipes which sound really great, so far I’ve only tried your strawberry banana protein smoothie and it was really good. Now when I go grocery shopping I can have this as a guide of things I’m missing in my kitchen! 🙂

  • Hey Derek I can’t wait for your book to come out but I was wondering would it be a good idea for me to buy the same protien you use that way I can make the recipes and they go into myfitnesspal real easy. I’m only 17 and You have made cooking 1000x easier!!

  • Hi, Recently came across your YouTube site. Tried the protein microwave cake. Love it. Do you have a homemade coconut pasta. I’ve only ever made pasta once. Using pinto beans and white flour. It was ok. Looking for a healthier alternative. Any ideas? Thanks

  • This is probably a silly question, but can we use regular chicken instead of canned chicken for the recipes that call for it?

  • I already find your channel on youtube .I love so much all your recipes ,sincerly.Ive tried to do some of them . Xo from Peru 🙂

  • Derek love your videos and recipes. Will you ever post any videos of a day in the life of Derek? Maybe like what you eat the whole day and things you do.

  • Hello Derek. I love your recipes, and they have helped me become a lot healthier, and I can still eat the foods ilove, guilt free! But I have a question, I have noticed in a lot of your baking recipes you say, for example, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, ect. What vanilla, or chocolate protein powder do you use when you say this?
    I only ask, so that I may be accurate with the nutrition facts you post with your
    recipes. Thank you!

    • Hey hey Hunter! Use the powder you have with the least amount of artificial ingredients/fillers, it should be mostly protein without much fat/carbs/sugar. This is also why I created my Baking Protein (had to plug it!) if you haven’t checked that out which is just that with no artificial ingredients or filler (while still being affordable).

  • Hey Derek! Love your website and vids. Any way you can get Labrada to ship to Hawaii?? It’s not even an option on the website. We really are part of the US here, we promise.

    Love, peace, and grilled chicken grease,
    A military family eatin’ better because of YOU!

    • Hi Lori!!! Haha! Is it possible to check and see if they have my product at Vitamin Shoppe there? We are working on getting stuff further out there but in the time being you may want to check there. Keep it up and thank you for the support!

  • okay i kinda did the math of it of how much each meal should weight if im trying to focus 30g of protein every meal ….. do you think should weight each meal of this meatloaf about 4-5 oz per serving???

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