Who is The Protein Chef?


Derek Howes, that's who! He's a (certified) personal trainer and chef with over a decade of experience in the gym and kitchen. Derek, who is also known as The Protein Chef on this blog and YouTube channel shows his viewers every week that food doesn’t need to be boring or repetitive, it’s all about balance, moderation, and having the knowledge to change things up. His recipes which have been featured all over (even on Dr. Oz) are cheap, quick, AND delicious! His motto in life is “everything in moderation” and is without question the most important habit he follows.

How did it start?

It all started in the beginning of 2009 when Derek created The Protein Chef to offer his original, quick, healthy, and affordable recipes to his clients. Before the launch of The Protein Chef he was quickly realizing that getting his clients to workout wasn't the issue, it was getting them to stick to a diet. Wanting to reach a larger audience he decided to start uploading his recipes in video form to YouTube and soon after, the new YouTube schedule was born! These recipes now include high protein desserts, snacks, sides, and meals that can all be found on this website or his YouTube. He also created The Protein Chef to offer his opinion on health and fitness related topics based on over a decade of personal experience.

You can also check The Protein Chef out in our monthly column in Train Magazine!

The Protein Chef's Baking Protein

Since DAY 1, Derek Howes has always wanted to create a protein powder specifically for baking that wasn’t packed with fillers or artificial ingredients, didn’t break the bank, and just “worked”! After almost a year of working on this powder he finally made it happen with the help of Labrada Nutrition, The Protein Chef Baking Protein! It works with ALL of his recipes, has no artificial anything in it, is extremely AFFORDABLE, and comes with a little recipe book!

Check out his Baking Protein Powder by clicking here.

Recipe Book(s)

Derek Howes, The Protein Chef has helped thousands all over the world lose weight and gain muscle without giving up the luxury of great tasting food. Over the last decade he’s been creating healthier alternatives to unhealthy food in his attempt to set the world free of bland and boring diets. This series, Delicious Dieting, features exclusive recipes you thought you couldn’t eat but can! Is your sweet tooth kicking in? Make one of The Protein Chef’s famous low fat and high protein cheesecakes! Craving something savory? Bodybuilding Mac & Cheese should do the trick!

Every book in the Delicious Dieting series is packed with healthy breakfast, dessert, lunch, dinner, AND side recipes for any diet

Check his first recipe book out by clicking here.

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