6 Reasons You Need a Digital Kitchen Scale

6 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Kitchen Scale

Today we’re gonna talk about the benefits of owning a digital kitchen scale so if you don’t own one yet, here are 6 reasons you should that could save your recipes, your wallet, AND your diet!

It’s a time saver and who doesn’t want more time? Rather than using a bunch of bowls, measuring utensils, and so on all you have to do is simply place whatever you’re adding your ingredients into onto the kitchen scale, reset the weight of whatever you’re using (which means to bring it back to zero), add in the weight of your first ingredient, reset that, and repeat with the rest of your ingredients!

For ingredients that only have volume listed you can easily convert it into a weight by searching for it online. For example, if you need to find out how much 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon weighs then just type “1 teaspoon ground cinnamon weight” and it should pop right up. If your scale doesn’t have the ability to reset then just quickly do the math in your head, it’s that simple.

Time = Money!

There’s less to clean up. This pretty much goes hand-in-hand with the first reason but I thought it deserved it’s own mention. If saving time wasn’t a good enough reason to buy a kitchen scale but you hate doing the dishes then this reason alone is worth it.

We know from the first reason that a scale gives you the ability to add all of your ingredients into whatever you’re using without the need to use other bowls or measuring utensils so you’re never going to have more than your main bowl to clean up. You’re also using less water so you’ll save money and the environment too!

It’s way more accurate. Why is it more accurate? Because a scoop is not just a scoop. When you scoop anything…protein, flour, sweetener, it’s going to come down to a ton of variables how much you actually put into that scoop. If I lightly scoop 1 cup of protein and put it on my scale it’s going to have less in it than If I scoop it like I found gold (are you an aggressive scooper?).

When you’re baking with too much protein powder they’ll come out dry, too much flour can mean your cookies come out rock hard, and so on. The same goes for cooking! Something can come out too spicy or sweet with one wrong turn. When using a kitchen scale, the weight of the ingredient has no variables.

Another benefit with this one is the calories that you’re eating or using in the recipe will always be accurate. If you just eye your tablespoon of peanut butter and you’re over-estimating by 8 grams a day then that’s another 3 1/2 tablespoons of peanut butter you’re not accounting for throughout the week which is 320 calories.

Never miss a calorie!

They make portioning out recipes easier. This is my most used reason. A scale gives me the ability to quickly weigh the whole recipe and divide into however many servings I’m creating. All I do is take something to put the whole recipe into, put that on the scale, reset it, pour my recipe in, and if I want 10 servings from that recipe, divide the total by 10.

They do conversions. Most scales will easily be able to convert pounds, grams, or ounces with the press of a button. If a recipe calls for a certain unit of measurement, you’ll almost always be covered!

It’s travel friendly. The chances of you taking a bunch of bowls and measuring utensils on vacation, to a friends house, hiking, anywhere…is going to be super unrealistic. However, bringing a kitchen scale with you is quick, doesn’t take up a lot of room, and you can use it to stay on track, make your meals, and portion them out wherever you go!

My Digital Kitchen Scale

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With that said, if the kitchen scale was a superhero it would be a time saving perfectionist. The scale will end up costing you less than a couple cents a day in the long run, makes all of your recipes calorie accurate, and saves you on average around 5-10 minutes a day which is hopefully worth more than a couple cents to you.

If I’ve convinced you and you want to purchase a scale, you might be wondering which one I recommend. This digital kitchen scale that I use, I’ve used for well over 5 or 6 years! It’s built to last and less than $25 shipped.

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The BEST Kitchen Purchase You Can Make Under $25

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