7 Quick Kitchen Life Hacks

7 Quick Kitchen & Life Hacks to Save Money

Can’t open a jar? Spices breaking the bank? Hate watered down coffee? Find out how to solve all of these and more with these Quick Kitchen & Life Hacks listed below! These life hacks will not just save you time but money as well.

Kitchen & Life Hacks

Jar Muscles

We’re going jump right into these with something you’ve all likely been asked to do if you have even an ounce of muscle on you. Open a jar that’s just too tight!

A quick solution for those tight jars? Wrap a rubber band around the lid to give you a better grip. You could also place some plastic wrap over them and turn.

Eggshell Magnet

So you’re making pancakes, crack an egg, look in the bowl, and there’s pieces of your eggshell everywhere! Not anymore.

All you need is half of the eggshell. Scoop the piece out and the eggshell will act like a magnet.

No more washing another spoon or spending hours (ok, minutes) chasing the eggshell around the bowl.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Freshly brewed coffee? Delicious! Water? Great! Freshly brewed coffee and water together? Bad!

A simple solution to not watering down your coffee if you don’t drink it hot is to buy a couple extra ice trays. You can use these trays to make some coffee ice cubes.

Kitchen Shears

Gordon Ramsay might ban you from his kitchen for using kitchen shears the way I use them but you can save a ton time. You also won’t need to clean your cutting board!

Use your kitchen shears to quickly cut asparagus or other vegetables, chicken or other meat into cubes, herbs, and so on.

The best part? A good pair is only around $10.00 which you can buy by clicking right here.

Another perk? You probably won’t chop off your finger using them.

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Blender Cleaning

The most annoying part of anything in the kitchen is the clean up. Maybe it’s just me but I HATE cleaning my blender more than anything.

The easiest way I’ve found to clean it is to throw in a little water, some soap, and give it a quick blend.

Rinse it out and you should be good to go.

Keep Your Knife Sharp

Texting an ex after you’ve had one too many drinks, good or bad? I’d guess the majority of you will say bad. As bad of an idea as that is, using a dull knife is even worse!

Extend the life of your relationship with your knife by simply washing it as soon as you’re done using it and drying it immediately after.

Never put your knife in the dishwasher either, the high heat and detergent will likely ruin it.

Save Money

We’re going to end these kitchen and life hacks with a tip that will save you some serious money depending on where you are.

If your grocery store has an ethnic aisle or anything similar, head over to that.

For the same herbs and spices you can pick up in the baking aisle, the prices in the ethnic aisle will be almost 50% cheaper.

 This is in every grocery store, at least where I live.

Post what your favorite kitchen or life hack was here and let me know some of your other favorite life hacks below in the comments!

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