How to INSTANTLY Thicken Up Any Shake or Smoothie

Xanthan Gum
Written by The Protein Chef

So you made a shake or smoothie and it’s got the consistency of WATER or it’s just not thick enough. Do you force it down and pretend it never happened? Add more ice in hopes that it’ll thicken up without watering it down? Keep adding more ingredients? Throw it away and cry? Guess what? You don’t have to do ANY of those! Why? Because I’m here to tell you how to instantly thicken up ANY shake or smoothie with one simple ingredient!

That simple ingredient? Xanthan gum! This ingredient will add almost no calories to your recipe, is gluten free, and 1/2 teaspoon or less to ANY shake or smoothie will instantly turn your consistency thick. Seriously, that’s all you need…it’s like a food genie in a bag. Xanthan gum can be purchased at most grocery stores nowadays for around 10 bucks which you might think is a lot but it goes a long way and should last you a REALLY long time. If you don’t wanna go look for it in store you can purchase it by clicking right here. Want an example? Check out my Healthier Green Pina Coladas!

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The Protein Chef

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