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5 Mistakes MOST Beginners Make with Diet & Fitness

So you’re new to this whole gym thing. You might be nervous, you might be excited, you might be confused, and you might even be all three! Here are 5 Mistakes Most Beginners Make with Diet & Fitness before they open the door that will hopefully help you out.

Diet & Fitness Mistakes Most Beginners Make

There’s no plan. They wake up and randomly decide that day that they finally want to eat healthy and join a gym. Don’t get me wrong, something is better than nothing but it’s like throwing dirty and clean laundry in one pile. How many days can you find the clean laundry before it just doesn’t work anymore?

The solution? Find a plan you think you’ll like, follow it, create some goals, write everything down so you can gauge progression, and go from there.

Hate it? Change it up. Love it? Keep it going. Having a plan makes things way easier and quicker than not having a plan.

Overthinking everything. I’m not saying everyone does this but a large majority of beginners either don’t have a plan or they make things too complicated.

All you need to know to start? A plan, know your calories, lift some weights, do some cardio, and practice moderation. That’s it!

Once you get in the habit of doing those things you can work on the smaller details that don’t matter nearly as much.

Ice cream is still great without the toppings. Does that make sense?

You need supplements. No, you don’t. The only supplement you will probably need is protein powder because it’s pretty hard getting it in at first. It’s usually cheaper too so you’re not just throwing money away to look like someone who probably didn’t even take whatever they’re promoting.

Using protein powder also allows you to make a ton of delicious and high protein recipes you can find on this website too!

Peer pressure. Don’t let people make you feel bad for changing your lifestyle. Sure, you might not be as “fun” anymore but you’re making a change to better yourself which in turn will make you feel better.

Be selfish for a little bit and live your life for you. If it means skipping a few events or having a little less “fun” to reach your goals, so be it. The end result will ultimately teach you discipline, give you more energy, and overall just make you a happier person.

People don’t like change but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t change.

Leaving your ego at the door. Sure, it’s great to be amped up and excited but do it the right way. Don’t make this game of life a competition with anyone else but yourself!

Start slow or light, learn proper form, and work yourself into everything. Let your body adapt and week after week you’ll be able to push yourself even harder.

There you go! Hopefully these few diet & fitness mistakes beginners make helped out a little bit! Let me know down below in the comments your favorite tip here or some other ones not mentioned!

5 Mistakes MOST Beginners Make with Diet & Fitness

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