How To Reach Your Goals & Stay On Track

How To Reach Your Goals & Stay On Track This Year

The new year is here, you’re looking for how to reach your goals, and you’ve got a fresh new set of goals to tackle! I don’t know how many times I succeeded at reaching my new year goals growing up but I can definitely tell you that I failed more than I succeeded. My joints…

8 Benefits From Dieting & Exercise

8 Benefits of Dieting & Exercise | BUILD CONFIDENCE

Today, you’re going to stop being lazy and you’re going to stop making excuses! Alright, it’s not that easy for everyone so here are 8 Benefits of Dieting & Exercise I’ve personally seen throughout the years from living a healthy lifestyle! Energy I’m going to guess when most people hear the words dieting and exercise…

5 Mistakes

5 Mistakes MOST Beginners Make with Diet & Fitness

So you’re new to this whole gym thing. You might be nervous, you might be excited, you might be confused, and you might even be all three! Here are 5 Mistakes Most Beginners Make with Diet & Fitness before they open the door that will hopefully help you out. Diet & Fitness Mistakes Most Beginners…

Gain Muscle Faster

6 Easy QUICK Tips on Building Muscle

How do I gain muscle? A question I get asked all the time. The simple answer? Eat, lift, and repeat! Now if you want a few more quick Tips on Building Muscle that I’ve learned throughout the past decade then keep reading! 6 Tips on Building Muscle Protein I think it’s only appropriate that we…

7 Myths

7 Fitness Myths You’ve Probably Heard

There’s a lot of “fake news” in this industry and today we’re going to tackle some of it. Here are 7 Fitness Myths You’ve Probably Heard that I hate hearing! Fitness Myths Late Night Eating Eating before bed or after a certain time will make your gain weight. Do you guys hear that? It’s the baloney…

Importance of Short Term Goals

The Importance of SHORT-TERM Goals in Life

In going through my daily routine lately, I’ve realized just how important short-term goals are to ultimately reaching our long-term goals. We have short-term goals for everything, even if we don’t actually know we have short-term goals…so why not allow yourself to feel that much more accomplished? In my opinion, I believe everyone should write…

Meal Prep

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