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Written by The Protein Chef

Losing weight sucks so make it suck a little bit less with a few of these REALLY easy dieting tips!

Most might be pretty common knowledge but let me know if any of them helped you down below or some of your other favorite quick tips not in this article! Now lets start off with the first tip:

  1. DRINK MORE WATER! Start off with at least a gallon a day and go from there. Aside from all the health benefits of staying hydrated it should help curb your hunger a bit and most of the time you think that you’re hungry, you’re probably just thirsty.
  2. Don’t go hours without eating. This is a big one for me and might not be so much for you but if I get too hungry I tend overindulge or eat something I shouldn’t. I don’t ever eat a set number of meals a day so I’m not suggesting eating more often is better than not, all I’m saying is to learn your body and if you tend to overindulge like me when you get too hungry then break that habit with a quick snack even if you’re fasting.
  3. You can’t eat bad shit if you don’t have bad shit, so throw it away or since I hate wasting food…donate it to a friends diet you wanna sabotage to feel better about yourself. Seriously, if you just get rid of the temptation you’ll be far less likely to cheat, at least in my experience.
  4. Chew some gum, brush your teeth, or eat something sour. I don’t know why and there is exactly 0 science behind this but whenever I do either of these all of my cravings go away.
  5. Casein like in cottage cheese, complex carbs like in rolled oats, or fats like in a nut butter will all digest super slow and keep you full longer. Eat these.
  6. Make healthier alternatives to whatever you’re craving. Pizza, mac & cheese, cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies…the list goes on. Don’t limit yourself.

About the author

The Protein Chef

Derek Howes is a personal trainer and chef with over a decade of experience in the gym and kitchen. Derek, who is also known as The Protein Chef on his blog and YouTube channel shows his viewers every week that food doesn’t need to be boring or repetitive, it’s all about balance, moderation, and having the knowledge to change things up. His recipes which have been featured in the news, magazines, and on TV are cheap, quick, AND delicious! His motto in life is “everything in moderation” and is without question the most important habit he follows.


    • If it works for you, I think it’s great. Really though, I’ve had great success with it over the years. It takes a couple weeks to adapt to but after that it’s usually a breeze (tons of energy/clarity fasted). I’ll do a video at some point on it!

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