Fitness Abbreviations

Fitness Abbreviations

AS = Anabolic Steroids (1)RM = One-rep max 1,4 Andro = “Boldione” 1AD = 1-Androstenediol 1-Test = 1-Testosterone 3Alpha = 3Alpha-Androstanediol–DHT precursor 4-Diol = 4-Androstendiol 5AA = 5Alpha-Androstanediol–DHT precursor 5AR = 5-Alpha-Reductase–reduces Testosterone to DHT 5-HT = Serotonin Andro”= 4-Androstendione AR = Androgen Receptor BB = Body Builder or Body Building BBB = Blood/Brain Barrier…

Fitness Tips

18 Fitness Myths

Every gym has them and most of us have heard them from someone we know or through listening to others at the gym in-between sets. We end up believing them and then telling people we know, thus continuing the cycle of “broscience”. This is how they start, and usually never end. I have come up…

Common Mistakes Gym Beginners Make

8 Common Mistakes a Beginner in the Gym Makes

Are you a beginner in the gym? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here are 8 common mistakes I’ve found that most people make: 1. Not tracking your calories. Diet is the most important factor when training, yet many people think just by going to the gym that it will make you healthier (although…

Meal Prep

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