Why and When You Should Eat After The Gym

Why and When You Should Eat After The Gym

Yes, you should eat after the gym! We will call this “recovery nutrition”. This is the most important meal of the day by far. It may seem confusing to most, but it is really very simple once you understand how the body works. The number one thing you need to understand is that after working…

Junk Food Addiction

My Take On Junk Food Addiction

Ever hear someone say they are addicted to junk food? Junk food addiction is no laughing matter and chances are, they probably are addicted. I’ve always been a firm believer that unhealthy food was addictive. Why do some of us desire these foods? The mental aspect of eating unhealthy is simply that, it’s programmed into…

Benefits and Negative of Caffeine

The Benefits & Negatives of Caffeine

Caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea, soda, pre-workout supplements, pill form, energy drinks, and various other forms is a drug that can have a wide range of effects depending on your sensitivity to it. It might make you feel alert and wide awake,  you may get the jitters, your heart might race, or you…

Benefits of Protein

Benefits and Disadvantages of The Most Common Types of Protein

While protein is one of the most important parts of our diets, you may be confused as to all the different types of protein out there. There are advantages and disadvantages of every kind. I will try my best to keep everything as simplified as possible. Lets start with: Whey Protein (Powder) What it is:…

16 Dieting Tips

16 Dieting Tips Everyone Should Take Into Consideration

Dieting is never an easy thing to jump into so here are 16 dieting tips you should take into consideration! 1. If you’re trying to cut off a lot of weight, don’t try and do it all at once. The maximum amount of time I would put a trainee on a fat loss diet would…

Common Mistakes Gym Beginners Make

8 Common Mistakes a Beginner in the Gym Makes

Are you a beginner in the gym? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here are 8 common mistakes I’ve found that most people make: 1. Not tracking your calories. Diet is the most important factor when training, yet many people think just by going to the gym that it will make you healthier (although…

Meal Prep

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