7 More Quick Kitchen Life Hacks

More Kitchen and Life Hacks, Tips, & Tricks

It’s time I share some new kitchen or life hacks, tips, tricks…or whatever you call them!!! Dirty microwave? Tough banana? Is the juice not worth the squeeze? No problem! Here are 7 new QUICK hacks to make life easier (and save you some money)!

1. Nothing says bachelor like a dirty microwave. The only issue here is that I’m not a bachelor and I live with my girlfriend so I should probably keep it clean! Seriously though, no matter how dirty your microwave is all you need is a couple minutes to make it spotless. Throw in a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water into a microwave safe dish. Microwave it for around 5-10 minutes. After 5-10 minutes everything will loosen up and your microwave will wipe clean with a couple wet paper towels. It’s that easy.

2. Lemon or lime. Throw either inside a microwave for 10-20 seconds or until they’re warm and the heat will make them way easier to squeeze. Easier squeeze = more juice = money saved = more money to waste elsewhere. Another way to get the most out of your lemon or lime is to simply just roll it a few times on your table to burst the cells before cutting it.

3. Eggs…one of the best sources of protein but also impossible to tell if they’ve gone bad just by looking at them. A quick solution is to grab a bowl or glass, fill it up with water, and throw your egg or eggs into it. This is what I’ve followed for over a decade and have never gotten sick! If they sink you’re good to go and if they float throw them (or at someone)!

4. If cream cheese hasn’t softened, mixing it will give you the best forearm workout of your life (or one of them). To make things easier take it out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before you plan to make the recipe, it’ll soften up and mix way easier.

5. Monkey’s…the true connoisseur of the banana. If there’s one thing we can learn from them it’s how to properly peel a banana. The majority of us peel the banana from the “top” or the large “stem” which can be difficult if your banana is at complete ripeness. Now to actually peel a banana like a pro (monkey) all you have to do is pinch the bottom and pull apart. No matter how ripe it is it’ll only take a second and you won’t get any stringy pieces. Side note…do you guys have a name for the bottom of the banana? I call it the devil’s anus. Let me know what you guys call it below (someone from my YouTube page said bananus which is I think is my new favorite).

6. If you’ve watched any of my cheesecake recipes you know how much I hate shaping parchment paper. A quick trick I’ve learned is to use metal binder clips which are oven safe to secure it to whatever you’re using. No more ripping and it’ll stay snug against your pan.

7. Since we just mentioned my cheesecake recipes, one of the easiest ways to cut a cheesecake without ruining it or having a ton stick to your knife is to heat up your knife under some hot water before slicing. This also works with butter, cream cheese, and so on.

Let me know your favorite life hacks below or other variations that you guys use and maybe I can feature them in the next video!

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