8 Benefits From Dieting & Exercise

8 BENEFITS of Dieting & Exercise. BUILD CONFIDENCE!

HEY! Stop being a lazy piece of (insert explicit here) who makes excuses!!! Alright, that doesn’t work for everybody so here are 8 Benefits of Dieting & Exercise I’ve personally seen throughout the years from living a healthy lifestyle!

  1. Energy! I’m gonna guess when most people hear the words dieting and exercise together they think…TIRING (at least those who have never done it correctly). Now sure if you’re prepping for a show at the tail end of it you’ll probably be beat up but if you’re just in this to better yourself you’ll be surprised to find out as you get more and more involved you’ll have more and more energy. Seriously, it’s like your body rewards you for not having to sit through another hour of senseless TV!
  2. You feel better. Your body’s not stuck digesting shit food, your levels aren’t constantly fluctuating, you’re not taking unnecessary trips to the bathroom 4 times a day, and peace of mind is there. Aside from dieting, working out will also build up your confidence which carries over to all parts of life.
  3. Things hurt less. You’re strengthening muscles you’ve never strengthened before and those muscles in turn start working to stabilize, give you better posture, more flexibility, and much more.
  4. You motivate others! Sure, this isn’t directly benefitting you but you could be the one who motivates someone you love to get into or back into shape and/or address their health issues they’ve been putting off. Doing it yourself is great but having someone to do it with is even better…that sounds a bit weird.
  5. You sleep better. Giving your body more reasons to recharge = no more counting sheep. Seriously, if I take a week off by the end of that week I can’t sleep at night but as soon as I start using all that built up energy I have no more issues falling asleep.
  6. It teaches you discipline. There is nothing quite like teaching yourself discipline. Following through with goals, pushing yourself to go to the gym when you don’t want to, restricting yourself of foods at times you’re craving them, and so on all play a role in this. This stuff carries over far outside of the gym. As you go you’ll find your ability to manage things or set goals “in real life” and follow-through with them becomes easier and easier. The harder you work, the luckier you’ll get…I’ve always liked that quote.
  7. HEALTH BENEFITS. This is one that could be talked about for hours but simply just working out you’re gonna help prevent or reduce stress, diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart disease, depression, the list goes on. Sure, some people workout and eat healthy their whole lives then get lung cancer…is that a reason not to do anything at all? NO! Not only that but if you’re genetically disposed to getting something terrible later in life, wouldn’t you want your body to be as strong as physically possible to try and battle it? I’d rather take a gun to a gun fight than a couple rocks and some string.
  8. You look better. This is a given and more or less probably the main reason the majority of us start working out but now I look at it as a bonus to all of the other stuff. Not only do you look better in the present, you’ll probably age a hell of a lot better than someone doing the opposite. Genes and makeup play a role but this is one thing you have control over so why not use it?

Thank you guys for reading and/or watching! I’m gonna give a bunch of my wristbands away so if you want one just throw some other benefits you guys have seen happen to you or someone else in your life down below and I’ll pick a few of my favorite!


  1. GREG WILLIAMSON on March 13, 2017 at 12:00 am

    Lost alot of weight because of your recipies. thank you and keep them coming….

  2. Jane on April 18, 2017 at 12:00 am

    Thanks for sharing this! I am starting to eat healthy and be health conscious. I also want to start working out now for body wellness. I think we really have to move for better health.

  3. Mario on April 20, 2017 at 12:00 am

    Those pickled eggs are the $hit man, delicious and easy pick-me up snack!

    Another benefit is mental acuity. (From my experience and some scholarly articles online)

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