Low Calorie Snacks That Will Fill You Up

8 Low Calorie Snacks To LOSE WEIGHT & Stay Full

Progress doesn’t have to start with only chicken and broccoli or an empty bowl when there’s low calorie snacks out there! Today, we dive right into some of my favorite snacks to eat while losing weight that also satisfy my huge appetite for eating.

First and foremost, any food can be considered low or high calorie depending on your ideal portion size. The foods I’m listing here are based off of a serving of 200 calories or less and that serving is what I believe to be a good amount of food.

Sample size? Me.

*The video shows the calorie/macro breakdown for everything I list here.

8 Low Calorie Snacks

We might as well start the show with it, POPCORN! A cup of this stuff has around 35 calories. A huge bowl? Only 200 calories!

No, this isn’t your standard 17 squirts of butter movie theatre popcorn, it’s just regular light popcorn (which still tastes great!). You also don’t need to wash your hands for an hour after you eat it.

JELL-O…which is actually a brand. Other people do make this stuff but I think most people just call it JELL-O (thank you marketing).

Either way, I’m talking about both flavored gelatin and instant pudding. If you don’t like or won’t eat sugar free things then this low calorie snack isn’t for you.

For those who don’t mind that kind of thing then you should know that a whole package of flavored sugar free gelatin is only 80 calories and a whole bowl of instant sugar free fat free pudding is only 140 calories!

You can make these both in minutes and mix in protein, fresh fruit, nuts, or anything else you want.

Do I eat sugar free fat free things all the time? No. If however, I’m trying to drop some weight and the cravings hit then it’s game on for these low calorie snacks.

Shirataki Noodles! You can find these almost everywhere now in either dry or wet form for only a couple bucks. They’re mostly made up of water and fiber and they contain almost no digestible calories or carbs. Not too bad for a “pasta”, right?

Being mostly made up of water they probably don’t sound that appetizing outside of the great macros. I can assure you as long as you prep them correctly with your favorite spices, they’re actually pretty good and do a great job of hitting those pasta cravings.

You can find Shirataki in the form of rice, angel hair, fettuccine, spaghetti, and so on.

The highly underrated and under appreciated Protein Fluff. I’ve made a couple Protein Fluff recipes on this website and EVERY single time that I remember it exists when I’m trying to drop some weight, I get excited.

A giant bowl of this fluff is around 200 calories and it’s mostly protein.

You can make protein fluff in minutes and you only need a couple ingredients.

If you’ve never tried this low calorie snack, it’s worth at least that, especially if you’ve got a big appetite.

SOUP! This one is pretty self explanatory if you think about it. Water, broth, and seasonings barely have, if any, calories.

Sure, there are calorie dense soups but those aren’t the ones we’re looking for. A can of garden vegetable soup is only 180 calories and it’s packed with both protein and fiber. Add in 4 ounces of some chopped up chicken, ground beef, tofu, etc and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid meal.

If you don’t like soup then…NO SOUP FOR YOU!

SALADS! Yes, you probably know that a salad is low calorie (for the most part) but for those who don’t understand what I’m pitching? A huge 4 liter container filled with salad is only around 80 calories! That’s a lot to eat.

Add in some protein, a lower calorie dressing, a couple tortilla strips or croutons, and you’ll be eating for awhile!

ZUCCHINI. The things you can do with zucchini seem to be endless nowadays (this could get weird). You can make noodles with it, lasagna, and even PIZZA like we’ve done on this website before.

From my experience, everything that I’ve had made with zucchini has actually been delicious.

Did I mention a large zucchini only has around 50 calories?

Trail Mix. No, I’m not talking about a peanut butter chocolate caramel cookie dough crumble flavored trail mix. I’m talking about ones with dried fruit, seeds, beans…you get the idea.

A single serving of my tropical trail mix that is packed with fruit has 140 calories. The fats in the nuts fill you up and the dried fruit makes the portion size MUCH bigger.

Don’t forget that you can also add stuff to your trail mix like some dry roasted chickpeas or even some crushed up sugar free cookies. This is one of my favorite low calorie snacks!

Those are just a couple low calorie snacks for all of you with an appetite like mine! If you have any other ones you want to share below that you think might help someone else out then come say hi and drop a comment.

Try our delicious Roasted Chickpeas recipe for a homemade low calorie snack!

Low Calorie Snacks To Lose Weight & Stay Full

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