16 Dieting Tips

16 Dieting Tips Everyone Should Take Into Consideration

Dieting is never an easy thing to jump into so here are 16 dieting tips you should take into consideration! 1. If you’re trying to cut off a lot of weight, don’t try and do it all at once. The maximum amount of time I would put a trainee on a fat loss diet would…

Overthinking Fitness

Overthinking Fitness and What YOUR Mind is Capable of

Overthinking fitness? Everyone does it. Yes, everyone. You can’t sit there and tell me at some point in your life you haven’t over-thought something. Overthinking usually leads to negative thoughts or doubts about yourself. Well, I have some news for you: STOP (if only it were that easy) Since I was 13, my step dad…

Why is Water Important

Why is WATER important?

The one thing a lot of people forget about is how important water is for our bodies. But WHY is water important? Obviously living a bodybuilder lifestyle, or even just a healthy lifestyle at that, you are most likely going through some physical activity to keep in shape. This exposes you to water loss, which…

Tips to Help Reach Your New Years Resolution

8 Random Tips to Help Reach Your Resolution

Change up your cardio! We all know how boring cardio can get week after week. Instead of doing the same thing over and over, change it up. Do the stairs, bike, rower, treadmill (walking, running, incline walking), elliptical, jump rope, swimming, etc. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of cardio. If you do all…

Meal Prep

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