8 Benefits From Dieting & Exercise

8 Benefits of Dieting & Exercise | BUILD CONFIDENCE

Today, you’re going to stop being lazy and you’re going to stop making excuses! Alright, it’s not that easy for everyone so here are 8 Benefits of Dieting & Exercise I’ve personally seen throughout the years from living a healthy lifestyle! Energy I’m going to guess when most people hear the words dieting and exercise…

5 Mistakes

5 Mistakes MOST Beginners Make with Diet & Fitness

So you’re new to this whole gym thing. You might be nervous, you might be excited, you might be confused, and you might even be all three! Here are 5 Mistakes Most Beginners Make with Diet & Fitness before they open the door that will hopefully help you out. Diet & Fitness Mistakes Most Beginners…

6 Tips

6 Easy Dieting Tips For a Beginner

I think most of us can agree that losing weight sucks. Make it suck a little bit less today with a few of these really Easy Dieting Tips For Beginners that I’ve learned throughout the years! Dieting Tips For Beginners Drink more water! Start off with at least a gallon a day and go from there.…

Understanding How to Lose Weight

Understanding How to Lose Weight

I think it’s safe to say everyone at some point has complained about trying to lose weight, how they can’t lose weight, or that they just don’t know how to lose it. We’ve all heard about the latest and greatest diets popping up every other month that claim to do what most people have trouble doing…losing that unwanted weight.

Junk Food Addiction

My Take On Junk Food Addiction

Ever hear someone say they are addicted to junk food? Junk food addiction is no laughing matter and chances are, they probably are addicted. I’ve always been a firm believer that unhealthy food was addictive. Why do some of us desire these foods? The mental aspect of eating unhealthy is simply that, it’s programmed into…

Benefits and Negative of Caffeine

The Benefits & Negatives of Caffeine

Caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea, soda, pre-workout supplements, pill form, energy drinks, and various other forms is a drug that can have a wide range of effects depending on your sensitivity to it. It might make you feel alert and wide awake,  you may get the jitters, your heart might race, or you…

Meal Prep

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