The BEST Homemade Protein Bars Recipe! (18.5g Protein/4g Fiber)

Homemade Protein Bars Recipe
Written by The Protein Chef

If you LOVE a good tasting protein bar and hate how much they cost then you’ll love this homemade protein bars recipe! Not only is it one of the best tasting protein bars I’ve ever had, it’s also easy AND cheap to make.

Here is the recipe:

  • 2 Cups Rolled Oats (160g) (Old fashion kind)
  • 1/2 Cup (4oz) Fat Free Milk (or milk substitute)
  • 2 Teaspoons Ground Cinnamon
  • 3 Tablespoons Pure Honey
  • 1 Cup Natural Peanut Butter (Around 16 Tablespoons)
  • 4 1/2 Scoops Protein Powder (135g)
  • 15 Drops Liquid Sweetener
  • 2 Servings Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Box (1.5oz) Seedless Raisins

Mix milk, honey, and peanut butter in a stove-top pan on low heat (between 2-3) until mixed together. Add in the rest of the ingredients and more milk if recipe appears to be too dry (should be extremely thick though). Once mixed press into a pan/dish. Let cool/harden, cut them, and then try not to eat them all!

Calories in the WHOLE recipe:

  • Calories: 3160
  • Fat: 140g
  • Saturated Fat: 31g
  • Sodium: 2351mg
  • Carbs: 293g
  • Fiber: 36g
  • Sugar: 130g
  • Protein: 182g

About the author

The Protein Chef

Derek Howes is a personal trainer and chef with over a decade of experience in the gym and kitchen. Derek, who is also known as The Protein Chef on his blog and YouTube channel shows his viewers every week that food doesn’t need to be boring or repetitive, it’s all about balance, moderation, and having the knowledge to change things up. His recipes which have been featured in the news, magazines, and on TV are cheap, quick, AND delicious! His motto in life is “everything in moderation” and is without question the most important habit he follows.


  • I made this exactly according to the recipe (except without the liquid sweetener, because I don’t have any), and my protein bars never really harden. There always super soft and gooey, which makes eating them with my hands a nightmare. I tried putting them in the fridge, but that only helps for a little bit. Any ideas?

    • Hi Bob! I asked ya this in the other comment as well but what protein are you using and the biggest issue with these not hardening is that people will sometimes use too much milk/milk substitute. They should be REALLY tough to stir (a good workout) and you definitely need to throw them in the fridge for a bit but should eventually harden once they cool.

  • I just made my second batch of these, this one just as delicious as the first. I made both batches with some toasted slivered almonds (thanks, Liz!), but otherwise as written, and they’re fantastic. Thanks for the recipe!

    One thing for me is that both times I ended up using about 3/4c to 1c of milk.
    The bars still come out relatively stiff and chewy, so I don’t think they’re over moistened. My guess is that it’s just the different protein powder (ON Gold Whey, in my case). So if you make these and find them dry, don’t be afraid to add as much extra milk as needed.

  • Wowwwwwwwww these are fantastic! I used mostly almond butter because I only had about 1/4C of peanut butter but the exchange seems fine, they turned out super tasty. Thank you for the recipe!

  • I’m allergic to milk (therefore, do not use whey protein). I’m trying to find some good recipes for making snacks and protein shakes with soy protein. You say to use milk or milk substitute. You think almond milk would be okay? Also, how do you think these would do with soy protein instead of whey? Just wondering. Thanks for the awesome recipes.

    P.S. Nice tattoos!

  • I traditionally cook/bake things for Christmas, and I know my family (as with most people) want to watch their weight so what good is it giving them cookies?

    I made these, and everyone absolutely LOVED them! Very tasty, great job Derek!

  • A few changes to make these work:

    1.) Spray that pan with some non-stick spray!
    2.) Don’t ever use a knife on a non-stick pan!
    3.) Put an identical pan on top of the original pan (with the bars in there) and weight the top pan down with a few cans of tomatoes. They will harden with the pressing.

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