7 Benefits of Protein Powder

Why You Should Use Protein Powder If You Aren’t Already

Don’t take protein powder or take it? What’s the right answer? Why shouldn’t or should you use protein powder? People tend to overcomplicate this one and I can’t force you to take it but I can give you 7 reasons why I would suggest you start taking it!

Whey & Casein

Before we jump into this, there’s 2 main kinds of protein powder.

  1. Whey protein which is the most common and digests the quickest. Great before or after a workout.
  2. Casein protein which is the next most common and digests the slowest (great for before bed if you get hungry at night).

There’s also soy protein, egg protein, pea protein, hemp protein, and so on. I think there’s even cricket protein now. All of them are fine but whey and casein are the most widely available. Now here’s WHY you should use protein powder.

Why Should I use Protein Powder?

Convenience. Not everyone has all the time in the world or there just may be days that you’re super busy. Either way, you have macros to hit, fat to lose or muscle to gain, and the alternative is probably gonna to make you feel like garbage.

Packing a protein shake with protein powder is quick diet insurance.

Cost. I think most people assume protein powder is more expensive because of the convenience but the reality is you’re getting around 30 grams of protein for a dollar.

If you look around or wait for a sale I’m confident you can find it for around .50-.75 cents a serving. I don’t know about where you live but where I live, you’re not gonna find anything cheaper than that unless you catch it yourself.

It digests quick. When you’re starving, it’s a quick way to fill the void before you go off the deep end. It’s also great if you like getting some calories in before or after the gym.

There’s more than a handful of people out there who will tell you drinking some quick, digestible protein after the gym is beneficial for gains.

Protein Powder is Delicious!

Variety. With powders, there’s a ton of it. In the mood for chocolate? How about vanilla ice cream? The taste of a cinnamon bun? You can find all of these protein powder flavors and way more.

It’s a quick fix for those cravings and much healthier.

You need protein in your diet and not everyone likes to eat a lot of protein or they just get sick of it. Protein shakes make getting that protein in way easier.

You can make more than shakes and that starts with the 100’s of recipes we’ve made on this website with protein powder.

When you’re bored of shakes you can use your powder to make delicious oatmeal recipes, healthier cheesecakes, pudding, pancakes, bars even your kids will love, and the list goes on!

It’s real food! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say you should eat real food instead of drinking a shake. Where do they think protein powder comes from? Aliens?

Whey protein is the byproduct of the cheesemaking process and the last time I checked, cheese is real food. In the defense of those people who say it’s not real food, there are brands out there who pack their powders with a ton of artificial ingredients and fillers so just be careful with what you buy!

I hope some of these tips have helped or will help you in the future! Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips that might help someone asking why they should use protein powder or shouldn’t use it!

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Why YOU Should Use Protein Powder (if you aren’t already)


  1. Scott Liegel on October 2, 2017 at 12:00 am

    Hey Derek, for years I’ve been having oatmeal in the morning with honey
    And adding one scoop of whey protein, and I always wondered exactly what you just described.. does it change the nature of the whey protein?
    And do you still get the same benefits if it gets heated.
    Thank you for finally getting a straight answer on a question that everybody has a different opinion on. I used whey protein in my oatmeal with honey for pre-workout breakfast, then after my workout I have one more scoop of whey protein, a scoop of amino acids, and a scoop of glutamine..
    So I guess I’ve been doing something right.. I feel better at the gym
    And it seems like I still keep the gains from the gym, having my post-workout whey protein Amino and glutamine again.. one other thing I’d like to share
    At one point I was using the powdered creatine pre and post-workout
    Until I went for my blood work one day,, and the doc said my creatinine levels we’re so high, I had to stop taking the creatine.. so instead I started taking the pill form creatine, which is all natural and doesn’t have all the other stuff in it that fills up your kidneys and creates problems.
    I would recommend anybody that takes creatine on a daily basis, have your creatinine levels checked at least once every 4 months,, you can do some real damage because your kidneys could not clean out all the creatine you’re putting in your body. My recommendation spend a few more dollars, by the creatine in pill form, that is 100% creatine with no additional by products
    Thanks for your great video, in finally answering the age-old question does whey protein go bad,,, LoL. Great job Derek and thanks again..
    Sincerely, S Liegel Fl

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