3 Quick & Cheap KETO Lunches On-the-Go!

3 Keto Lunches
Written by The Protein Chef

So you’re on-the-go and don’t have anything prepped ,well all you need is a GROCERY STORE! You’ll save some money, get a bigger portion, have more options, and it’ll be just as quick! Here are 3 Quick & Cheap Keto Lunches!

Lunch 1: A quick spinach & feta protein salad. For your base in this one you’ll need a large plastic salad container, they’re perfect for mixing everything together and hold a ton. Add in a little feta, whatever kind you want (my grocery store has a ton of flavors). If you’re not gonna be by a fridge anytime soon you can also find ones with less servings. Next, add in some hard boiled eggs, tuna, or chicken (I prefer the eggs with this recipe). Top it with a little low carb dressing and there you go…around $6 total and 45 grams of protein. You also get more than 1 serving out of most of these ingredients in all of these recipes so they end up being even cheaper!

Lunch 2: Bacon wrapped chicken! Find a pack of precooked chicken, some fully cooked bacon, and a little optional dressing for dipping. Wrap your bacon around your chicken, dip it, and enjoy some low carb finger food. Around $5 for this one and 70+ grams of protein! If you want a crispier bacon you can microwave them for :15-:20 seconds (or find a fully cooked bacon that’s crispy, they exist).

Lunch 3: Protein packed pork rinds and dip. You’ll need a bag of pork rinds (which by the way if you’ve never had pork rinds, they’re delicious), some mayonnaise or flavored aioli, and a couple packs of tuna you can tear open since most of us don’t have a can opener and sink nearby when we’re on the go. Mix your tuna and mayo together then use your pork rinds to scoop up your dip like chips and salsa! Another alternative here is any kind of low carb chip if you don’t like pork rinds. You can also add into your tuna mayo mix some vegetables, bacon bits, seasonings, and so on…the choice is yours. This ones around $3 and 50 grams of protein.

As for utensils, napkins, plates, or bowls…these are all things you can find inside either near the salad bar or deli and 99% of the time they’ll be free if you’re buying something there. You could also just keep a couple in your car and for the dressings just get some small containers to take with you if you plan ahead.

There ya go, a few little lunch ideas that I’ve used when traveling, on vacation, or just when I want something quick. These are all flexible and can be changed to fit your macros OR taste buds. Use fat free or reduced fat stuff, add in other dressings or oils, the list goes on. Throw some other ideas in the comments below!

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