Bagel Chips & Protein Dip in 10 Minutes or Less Recipe

Bagel Chips & Protein Dip in 10 Minutes or Less

It’s snack time and today we’re going to make some really quick Bagel Chips and a low carb protein dip to go with them! First, we’re gonna prepare our bagel chips or bagel crisps depending on where you’re from (let me know what you call them below). To prepare these you can either use a bread knife…

Protein Pork Rinds & Dip

3 Quick & Cheap Keto Lunches

You’re on-the-go and don’t have anything prepped or you just sick of fast food and/or fast food doesn’t have the options you need. All you need to fix this is a GROCERY STORE! You’ll save some money, get a bigger portion, have more options, and it’ll be just as quick! Here are 3 Quick & Cheap…

Low Carb Lasagna Dip Recipe

Low Carb Lasagna Dip

Packed with over 100 grams of protein this Low Carb Lasagna Dip recipe is great for any occasion! Watching the game? Tailgating? Need something quick to prep for a party? Miss lasagna? This delicious, easy to make, keto friendly, and healthy dip recipe is for you! You’re going to start by browning 1 pound of…

Quick High Protein Hummus Recipe

Quick High Protein Hummus

Have a can of chickpeas at home and want a healthy alternative to hummus? Look no further! This Quick High Protein Hummus recipe is delicious and easy to make in just minutes with simple/cheap ingredients! You’ll need either a food processor or blender for this recipe. This is used to easily mix in your chickpeas…

Spicy 7 Layer Tuna Dip Recipe

Spicy 7 Layer Tuna Dip

Looking for a healthy seven layer dip that’s quick, cheap, and easy to prep? Our Spicy 7 Layer Tuna Dip should do the trick! This high protein recipe is great for tailgating, tastes delicious, and you don’t need an oven to make it. All you’re going to need for this recipe is 2 small mixing…

Sriracha Super Bowl Dip Recipe

Sriracha Super Bowl Dip

Spice up your tailgate with a healthy and high protein Sriracha Super Bowl Dip! This ground beef recipe is packed is diet friendly macros, easy to make without the oven, and has just enough kick to satisfy every angle! Start this one by taking out a large stovetop pan, turning your burner on medium heat,…

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