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High Protein Mini Meat Pies Recipe

High Protein Mini Meat Pies

It’s time for another quick meal prep. This time? Some easy to make and delicious travel friendly High Protein Mini Meat Pies! You can make these with ground beef, turkey, or chicken and they only take around 10 minutes to prep. If you like hot or lean pockets, you’re going to love these! You’re going…

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Recipe

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

We’ve been due for a new meal prep recipe in our favorite cheap appliance, the slow cooker. We’re using 4 simple ingredients and making a delicious Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken. It’s great by itself, with vegetables, or a carb source. If you need a new high protein meal idea to try, this is it! Start…

Cottage Cheese Frittata Recipe

Cottage Cheese Frittata

This week we’re adding another easy breakfast meal prep to our list! That recipe? A high protein Cottage Cheese Frittata made with 6 simple ingredients you might already have. There’s a couple ways to make this one and we’ll cover both of them! The first thing you need to start with is either a blender…

Healthy Creamy Cajun Pasta Recipe

Healthy Creamy Cajun Pasta

Cottage cheese has been upset with me the past few weeks so we’re back together and we’re making another easy meal, Healthy Creamy Cajun Pasta. This one is quick, made with fairly common ingredients like cottage cheese, cheap to make, and of course…high in protein! To make this one we’re going to start with our…

Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

We’re back today with a delicious meal prep that won’t break the budget, Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas. This one is packed with protein, it can be used a variety of ways so you never get bored (think fajita bowls), and takes 10 minutes or less to make! Start this one by taking out a…

Healthy Egg Roll in a Bowl Recipe

Healthy Egg Roll in a Bowl

We’re back with a new quick, easy, and high protein meal prep! This Healthy Egg Roll in a Bowl is one of those recipes that takes around 10 minutes to make, is super filling, great for volume eating, fairly low carb, and actually tastes good. Start this one with a large stovetop pan or skillet…

Meal Prep

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