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Easy Almond Flour Chicken Tenders Recipe

Easy Almond Flour Chicken Tenders

Today we’re back with our air fryer (or oven if you don’t have an air fryer!) and we’re taking it down chicken tender lane. These Easy Almond Flour Chicken Tenders are low carb, keto friendly, and made with 6 simple ingredients you probably already have! To make these take out 2 bowls. You’ll need one…

Crispy Crouton Chicken Tenders Recipe

Crispy Crouton Chicken Tenders

Today we’re stealing the crunch from our salad for this delicious and easy Crispy Crouton Chicken Tenders recipe! This quick meal prep is packed with flavor, easy to make, and made with just 5 simple ingredients that you probably already have! To make these you’re going to need 70 grams of your choice flavor croutons…

Simple Pancake Batter Chicken Tenders Recipe

Simple Pancake Batter Chicken Tenders

We’re taking this healthy chicken meal prep recipe to breakfast and making some Simple Pancake Batter Chicken Tenders! This easy tender recipe comes out crispy, is packed with protein, and made with 6 simple ingredients or less. Start this recipe by taking out a bowl for your dry ingredients and a bowl for your wet…

Healthy Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Healthy Breakfast Casserole

It’s breakfast time and today we’re diving into another quick casserole recipe! This Healthy Breakfast Casserole is made with just 4 base ingredients, has 161 grams of protein, and takes 10 minutes or less to prep! Start this one by adding into a large mixing bowl 6 large whole eggs, 1 cup of cheese (I…

Easy Healthy Tuna Casserole Recipe

Easy Healthy Tuna Casserole

Meal prep is back on the menu with this easy to make and Healthy Tuna Casserole recipe! This one is made with simple ingredients (no condensed soup required!) that hopefully you all have access to and can be easily changed up when you’re bored. We’re going to start this one by taking out a stovetop…

Baked Quesadillas Recipe

Baked Quesadillas

You asked for it so It’s time we do another quick meal prep! Not only are these Baked Quesadillas quick and delicious but they can be made in either the oven or an air fryer. Start this one by choosing and preparing your choice protein for your baked quesadillas. Shrimp, lean ground beef or turkey…

Meal Prep

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