No Bake Layered Chocolate Protein Dessert Recipe

No Bake Layered Chocolate Protein Dessert

Over the past few months I’ve found a way to use up just about every single ingredient in my house. One of my favorite quick recipes I’ve been making is this Layered Chocolate Protein Dessert made with rolled oats! Yes, I’ve finally been using up my surplus of rolled oats. With this no bake recipe…

Protein Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Protein Pumpkin Pie

If you like pumpkin even just a little bit then you’re going to LOVE my low fat, high protein pumpkin pie recipe. Not only is it just healthy but it’s absolutely delicious as well! Tip: Top the pie with cool whip, whip cream, nuts, bacon bits like I did, etc!

Protein Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Protein Banana Cream Pie

If you love banana cream pie like I do and you love protein, this protein banana cream pie recipe will be your new best friend! Tip: Top with other fruits, chocolate chips, or nuts!

Sweet Potato Protein Pie Recipe

Healthy Protein Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite carbohydrates and they are packed with flavor so throwing them into a pie (who doesn’t love a good pie) was stomach-rumbling thought! If you like sweet potatoes, you’ll love this protein sweet potato pie recipe. Tips: Use fat free whip cream to top it! Use ingredients (protein) that…