No Bake

Cheesecake Protein Balls Recipe

5 Minute Protein Cheesecake Balls

These 5 minute no bake Protein Cheesecake Balls are absolutely delicious and come PACKED with 75 grams of protein in the whole recipe!

Mason Jar Cheesecakes Recipe

5 Minute Mason Jar Cheesecakes

Hey!!! Alright, 5 minutes…that’s all you need to kill your sweet tooth. The best part? These Mason Jar Cheesecakes are only around 300 calories EACH! Start by taking out a bowl and some graham cracker crumbs. You can make your own by crushing up some graham crackers or if you’re lazy like me just buy…

3 Keto Lunches

3 Quick & Cheap Keto Lunches

So you’re on-the-go and don’t have anything prepped ,well all you need is a GROCERY STORE! You’ll save some money, get a bigger portion, have more options, and it’ll be just as quick! Here are 3 Quick & Cheap Keto Lunches! Lunch 1: A quick spinach & feta protein salad. For your base in this one you’ll…

3 Quick Keto Recipes

3 Quick Keto Friendly Low Carb Recipes

Today we introduce 3 NEW and QUICK Keto Friendly Low Carb Recipes to your diet! These recipes all have 4 ingredients or less and are super cheap to make!

3 Quick Pickled Eggs Recipes

3 Low Carb & Quick Pickled Eggs

So I’m in my 20’s on a drive up north to hike. One of my favorite parts of going up north are all the little mom and pop convenience stores. I’ve been in these stores probably 100’s of times but this time I decided to try pickled eggs. Before this, pickled eggs to me looked…

Low Carb Deli Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Low Carb Deli Lettuce Wraps

Think about this for a second, especially if you’re dieting. Little sandwiches that are super simple to make, travel friendly, packed with flavor, and have little to no carbs. Are you sold yet? Because I’m sold and I’m the one making the recipe! Now lets jump right into these LOW CARB DELI LETTUCE WRAPS! What you’ll…