Protein Pumpkin Pudding Recipe

Pumpkin Protein Pudding

A low fat, high protein recipe that can be used as a frosting/icing! This Protein Pumpkin Pudding recipe will satisfy any pumpkin craving you might have! Tips: Use a Vanilla Instant Pudding if you can’t find Butterscotch! Use it as a frosting on anything!

Protein Mousse Recipe

Low Calorie Protein Mousse

If you like mousse than you’re going to love this Healthy Low Calorie Protein Mousse recipe that is not just full of flavor but high in protein and fiber as well! Tips: Top with some fat free whipped cream, cool whip, nuts, etc! Use other flavors such as Vanilla or Strawberry Protein Powder with Vanilla…

Progurt Granola Recipe

Protein Yogurt Granola

It doesn’t get much easier than this healthy recipe! Protein Yogurt Granola is not just delicious but quick, high in protein, high in fiber, and has a ton of combinations so it’ll never get old! Tips: Top with fat free whipped cream, cool whip, other fresh fruit, nuts, etc! Throw it in the freezer for…

Protein Pudding Recipe

Protein Pudding or Sludge

Having made a lot of protein pudding throughout the years, I still always crave this recipe! Here is my well-researched protein pudding recipe. Tips: Use fat free whip cream/cool whip/nuts/fruit to top it! Add in chocolate/peanut butter chips or anything else to the recipe

Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding Recipe

Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding

I think we can all agree that Greek yogurt is delicious and so isn’t pudding. Why not combine both together? Today, we do this! This Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding recipe is quick, easy, and guaranteed to kill those unhealthy pudding cravings. Start this one by setting aside 5 minutes and taking out a mixing bowl.…