Pumpkin Protein Pudding Recipe

Pumpkin Protein Pudding

Satisfy those pumpkin cravings this season with an easy to make and absolutely delicious Pumpkin Protein Pudding! This healthy seasonal recipe is packed with great macros, is guaranteed to satisfy, and can even be used as a frosting. All you’ll need for this one is a bowl for your pudding and something to mix your…

Low Calorie Protein Mousse Recipe

Low Calorie Protein Mousse

Your new favorite healthy no bake dessert is here! This Low Calorie Protein Mousse recipe is packed with delicious chocolate flavor, easy to make with protein powder, and comes with unlimited variations. You’ll want to start this one by taking out either a hand mixer or food processor like we’re using today. Alternatively, you could…

Protein Yogurt Granola Recipe

Protein Yogurt Granola

Looking for a new healthy breakfast recipe that’s quick to make and high in fiber? Try this Protein Yogurt Granola! Packed with flavor, made with simple ingredients, and has unlimited variations so that you’ll never get bored. All you need for this one? Your cravings and a bowl to mix them in! Add right into…

Protein Pudding Recipe

Protein Pudding or Sludge

The easiest and best Protein Pudding or Sludge recipe is here! This healthy homemade pudding is absolutely delicious, takes just a few minutes to make with cottage cheese, and has an endless amount of variations. You can make this one right in a mixing bowl but to get it “smooth” I suggest you use a…

Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding Recipe

Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding

I think we can all agree that Greek yogurt and pudding are both delicious! Today, we combine both with this Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding recipe! Quick to make with just a few ingredients, packed with great macros, and guaranteed to kill those unhealthy pudding cravings. Start this one by setting aside 5 minutes and taking…

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