Mug Cakes

Healthy Microwave Brownies Recipe

Protein Microwave Eggless Brownies

Healthy, quick, DELICIOUS, eggless, AND packed with protein? You got it! These Healthy Microwave Eggless Brownies are the key AND the lock! Tips: Top your brownie with some sugar free chocolate syrup! The more powerful your microwave is, the quicker your brownie will cook so keep an eye on it!

High Protein Bodybuilding Microwave Whoopie Pies Recipe

Microwave Protein Whoopie Pies

Can I get a whoopee for whoopie pies! These guilt-free protein whoopie pies made using whey protein powder are fit for any diet and only take a few minutes! Tips: Put them in the freezer for 20 minutes if you want them to taste like ice cream sandwiches! Make a huge whoopie pie by using…

Healthy Low Carb Protein Mug Cake Recipe

Healthy Low Carb Protein Mug Cake

Craving cake but can’t afford the sugar or calories? This low sugar, low calories, packed with protein, and absolutely delicious Healthy Low Carb Protein Mug Cake recipe is guaranteed to do the trick! The best part? All you need is a microwave, a few ingredients, and a couple minutes. Start this one with a bowl…

Healthy Microwave Protein Cake (No Powder Needed) Recipe

Microwave Protein Cake without Powder

This quick & delicious Healthy Microwave Protein Cake recipe is not just mouth-watering but packed with fiber and you don’t need protein powder to make it! Tips: If it doesn’t look done after 2:30 then put it back into the microwave for :20 at a time until it looks done! Top it with whatever you…

Grasshopper Protein Mug Cake Recipe

Grasshopper Protein Mug Cake

This Grasshopper Protein Mug Cake only takes a couple minutes, is packed with 12g of fiber + 48g of protein, and tastes even better than it looks! If grasshoppers tasted this good, I’m pretty sure they’d be extinct! Tips: If your mint extract isn’t green then add in a couple drops of some green food…

Cookies & Cream Protein Mug Cake Recipe

Cookies & Cream Protein Mug Cake

Quick, cookies, cream, healthy, AND delicious are all words you rarely see together (hmm). This Cookies & Cream Protein Mug Cake is PACKED with enough punch to destroy any sweet tooth out there. Tips: Depending on how powerful your microwave is, you may need to microwave it less or more time. Keep checking it every…