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The Best Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

The Best Roasted Chickpeas

A little packet of roasted chickpeas? $2! A can? 92 CENTS! Healthy snacks are cool but cheap healthy snacks that don’t take that long to prep? Even cooler! This roasted chickpeas recipe is super easy and you can make them a million different ways. Start it off by simply draining and rinsing your chickpeas. You…

Easy Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese Recipe

Easy Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese

Our Healthy Scrambled Eggs with Cottage Cheese recipe has been getting a ton of love lately so I thought this week we’d take the cottage cheese and introduce it to our good friend Mac. This delicious, creamy, and high protein Easy Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese meal prep recipe is super easy to make! Start…

Low Calorie Snacks That Will Fill You Up

8 Low Calorie Snacks To LOSE WEIGHT & Stay Full

Progress doesn’t have to start with only chicken and broccoli or an empty bowl when there’s low calorie snacks out there! Today, we dive right into some of my favorite snacks to eat while losing weight that also satisfy my huge appetite for eating. First and foremost, any food can be considered low or high…

Sweet Potato Stew Recipe

Delicious Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Stew

Summer is over and that means we dive into the recipes that match all of the cozy colors of fall! This Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Stew recipe only takes a few minutes to prep and all you need to make it is a slow cooker! Take out your slow cooker and optionally line it for…

Flourless Protein Pancakes Recipe

Flourless Protein Pancakes

In the mood for protein pancakes but don’t have or can’t use flour? Today we fix that! These super easy and macro friendly Flourless Protein Pancakes are made using one of my favorite cheap ingredients, chickpeas! The next best part? This whole recipe only takes around 10 minutes to make. Start by taking out a food…

Vegan Protein Chickpea Cookies Recipe

Vegan Chickpea Protein Cookies

Today, we take a stroll down Chickpea Lane and make some super easy AND delicious Vegan Chickpea Protein Cookies. You only need a few ingredients for these cookies and you should have most of them on hand! For these chickpea cookies you’re going to start by draining AND rinsing 1 can worth of chickpeas. Do…

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