Microwave Protein Cobbler Recipe

Microwave Protein Cobbler

The colder weather is here and that means the return of warmer healthy desserts! One of my favorites? This healthy, delicious, and easy to make Microwave Protein Cobbler recipe! Yes, this is seriously a microwave cobbler recipe using protein powder and it tastes just as good as it looks. To make this, you need at…

Healthy Microwave Pizza Recipe

Quick Healthy Microwave Pizza

Stereotypical cheat meal time? Pizza! What if I told you this didn’t need to be a cheat meal? All you need is a microwave, a couple minutes, and a few ingredients to make this Quick Healthy Microwave Pizza recipe! For this quick pizza recipe you’ll need at least a 12 ounce bowl or cup. You…

Microwave Stuffed Low Carb Donut Recipe

Microwave Stuffed Low Carb Donut

What if I told you that you could end every meal with a healthy dessert? More specifically, a dessert donut!? The best part? It’s a Stuffed Low Carb Donut that only takes a couple minutes to make in the microwave! Take out a bowl or mug and add into it 1/2 tablespoon of melted butter, 2 tablespoons…

Protein Microwave Eggless Brownies Recipe

Protein Microwave Eggless Brownies

Ready for some healthy, quick, and delicious protein brownies that you don’t need eggs to make? These Protein Microwave Eggless Brownies are the key to keeping you on track. Did I mention you only need a few ingredients to make them!? All you need for this one is a microwave safe brownie dish. This dish…

Microwave Protein Whoopie Pies Recipe

Microwave Protein Whoopie Pies

Can I get a whoopee for whoopie pies?! These Microwave Protein Whoopie Pies made using protein powder are fit for any diet, only take a few minutes to make, and come with a high protein filling! For this recipe you’ll need a mixing bowl, a microwave, and a food processor. Your bowl will be to…

Low Carb Microwave Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

Low Carb Microwave Pumpkin Pancakes

Strapped for time, on a low carb diet, and craving pumpkin pancakes? These Low Carb Microwave Pumpkin Pancakes should do the trick! Packed with protein, keto friendly, super easy to make with just a few ingredients, and absolutely delicious! All you need to do for this one is add into a bowl 1 large egg…

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