Bacon Sriracha Tuna Balls Recipe

Bacon Sriracha Tuna Balls

Looking for some canned tuna or chicken recipe ideas? Try these Bacon Sriracha Tuna Balls! This meal prep friendly recipe is packed with protein, easy to make, and has just enough kick. Start these balls with a mixing bowl big enough for all of your ingredients and a pan to cook your balls on. Add…

Protein Ranch Tuna Dip Recipe

Protein Ranch Tuna Dip

Ranch dip made with Greek yogurt is here! This Protein Ranch Tuna Dip recipe is super easy to make with just a few ingredients, healthier than the “real” thing, and goes great with or on just about anything! The first thing you need to do for this one is to take out a bowl and…

BBQ Sriracha Chicken or Tuna & Rice Recipe

BBQ Sriracha Chicken or Tuna & Rice

Hit your macros in minutes with a quick, cheap, and healthy microwave lunch recipe! This BBQ Sriracha Chicken or Tuna & Rice recipe has a ton of flavor, is packed with protein, and super easy to make with common ingredients. For this recipe all you’re going to need is a bowl big enough to fit…

Healthy Baked Crusted Tilapia Recipe

Healthy Baked Crusted Tilapia

Your new favorite delicious, easy to make, and cheap tilapia meal prep is here! This Healthy Baked Crusted Tilapia recipe is made with Ritz crackers and simple ingredients. For this recipe you’re going to need a bowl for your crumb mix, a bowl or plate for your olive oil, and a baking sheet to cook…

Bacon Tuna Melts Recipe

Bacon Tuna Melts

A healthy melt recipe with canned tuna is here! These Bacon Tuna Melts are high in protein, low carb, and packed with flavor. If you’re looking for a quick lunch or dinner recipe that takes just a few minutes to meal prep then you’re going to love this one. Start by taking out a bowl…

Sweet Potato Tuna Cakes Recipe

Sweet Potato Tuna Cakes

Healthy canned tuna meal prep is finally here with these Sweet Potato Tuna Cakes! This high protein recipe is cheap to make with common ingredients, has a ton of flavor, and takes just a few minutes to prep. All you need for this one? A bowl big enough to mix all of your ingredients in,…

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