Easy Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

Easy Hard Boiled Eggs

My favorite way to make hard boiled eggs! This Easy Hard Boiled Eggs recipe is quick, easy, and as close to perfection as you can get!

Cut Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Baked Cut Sweet Potatoes

This Cut Sweet Potatoes recipe is my favorite quick and delicious way to prepare my sweet potatoes!

Sriracha Meat Sauce Recipe

Sriracha Meat Sauce

If you like Sriracha and you like a DELICIOUS Meat Sauce that goes good on practically anything then you’re going to LOVE this Sriracha Meat Sauce recipe. Tips: Put it over quinoa, rice, pasta, or even inside a burrito! Use Lean Ground Turkey instead!

Healthy Protein Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Healthy Protein Alfredo Sauce

Do you love Alfredo sauce but hate the calories? Well this Healthy Protein Alfredo Sauce recipe is your new best friend! Low in fat, high in protein, and delicious! Tip: If your sauce is too thick or you prefer a thinner sauce, add more milk to the recipe as it thickens until it’s to your…

High Protein Ranch Dressing Recipe

High Protein Ranch Dressing

If you love ranch dressing but hate the calories and/or garbage in most of the ranch dressings out there then you’ll love this high protein ranch dressing recipe! Quick to make, great tasting, AND healthy. Tip: Add bacon bits to it for a bacon ranch dressing!

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Do you love mashed potatoes but hate the carbs? Well this cauliflower mashed potatoes recipe is your perfect match! Delicious, low carb, high in fiber, AND quick to make! You won’t be able to tell the difference.