Carrot Cake Protein Shake Recipe

Carrot Cake Protein Shake

Unhealthy carrot cake cravings got you down? Try a Carrot Cake Protein Shake! This healthier alternative is packed with great macros and made with simple ingredients. To get this shake smooth you’re going to need a blender. If you don’t have a blender, here’s a link to the one we’ve been using and recommend. Add…

Healthy Protein Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Healthy Protein Alfredo Sauce

Looking for a lower calorie and healthier sauce option? Try this Healthy Protein Alfredo Sauce recipe that’s packed with flavor and made with a few simple ingredients. Did I mention that it goes great over almost anything!? To get your sauce smooth you’re going to need a blender or food processor for this recipe. If…

Protein Pumpkin Fiber Bars Recipe

Protein Pumpkin Fiber Bars

Looking for a quick way to get some extra fiber in your diet? Try these homemade Protein Pumpkin Fiber Bars! This baked protein bar recipe is loaded with seasonal flavor, easy to make your own, and packed with great macros. Start this one by taking out either a food processor or blender and making your…

Protein Cereal and Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Protein Cereal and Protein Oatmeal

Start every morning with 2 healthy options, Protein Cereal AND Protein Oatmeal! These high protein breakfast recipes are super easy to make in minutes, packed with great macros for almost any diet, and absolutely delicious. Protein Cereal To make this healthy cereal all you need to do is take out a cereal bowl or something…

Blackberry Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe

Blackberry Vanilla Protein Shake

Beat the sweet tooth and get more fiber in your diet with this Blackberry Vanilla Protein Shake recipe! Easy to make, packed with flavor, and made with just a few common ingredients. For this recipe you’re going to need a blender to get all of your ingredients smooth. If you don’t have a blender, I…

Chicken Muffins Recipe

Chicken Muffins

Your new favorite high protein muffin recipe is here, meal prep edition! These low carb Chicken Muffins are packed with protein, super easy to make with simple ingredients, and come with unlimited variations. Take out a bowl big enough for all of your ingredients and whatever kind of chicken you’re using, I prefer using canned…

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