3 Lower Calorie Substitutes For Butter & Oil

3 Healthier Substitutes For Butter & Oil

You’re attempting to make a healthier version of one of your favorites desserts but have no idea where to start. Today, we help fix that by replacing some or ALL of the butter or oil in your recipe. Here are some of my favorite Lower Calorie Substitutes For Butter & Oil in recipes! Before we…

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KITCHEN HACKS Sticky Thermometer Ice Cubes

Sticky Thermometer Ice Cubes

What’s up everyone? Today in this series I’m gonna talk about a couple kitchen hacks that have saved me a ton of time over the years and one thing that has drastically improved the quality of my coffee addiction in the summer time! Check out the video below or keep reading! Sticky Measuring Cup The…

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How to INSTANTLY Thicken Up Any Shake or Smoothie

Xanthan Gum

You made a shake or smoothie and it’s got the consistency of water. Do you force it down and pretend it never happened? Add more ice in hopes that it’ll thicken up without watering it down? Keep adding more ingredients? Guess what? You don’t have to do ANY of those! I’m here to tell you…

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Healthy Substitutes for Cooking, Eating, and Cravings!

Healthy Substitutes for Cooking

I’m asked about my diet a lot and what people SHOULD ask me is what I use to substitute. Substituting not only helps me stay sane while on a calorie deficiency but also helps me give into my cravings whenever I want (within reason), in a healthier way. The main thing to remember is moderation…

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