9 Foods You’re Probably Overeating

9 Foods You're Overeating

Having trouble losing weight? No time to count calories? This article is catered to anyone that doesn’t already have and use a food scale. Unless your “guesstimation” skills are top tier, you’re likely overeating most of these foods below! Foods You’re Overeating BANANA! Since they come in all shapes and sizes from long and skinny to short…

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6 Easy Dieting Tips For a Beginner

6 Tips

I think most of us can agree that losing weight sucks. Make it suck a little bit less today with a few of these really Easy Dieting Tips For Beginners that I’ve learned throughout the years! Dieting Tips For Beginners Drink more water! Start off with at least a gallon a day and go from there.…

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More Kitchen and Life Hacks, Tips, & Tricks

7 More Quick Kitchen Life Hacks

It’s time I share some new kitchen hacks, life hacks, tips, tricks, or whatever you call them! Dirty microwave? Tough banana? No problem! Here are 7 More Kitchen and Life Hacks, Tips, & Tricks to make life easier! Life Hacks Easy Microwave Cleaning Nothing says bachelor like a dirty microwave. The only issue here is that…

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7 Quick Kitchen & Life Hacks to Save Money

7 Quick Kitchen Life Hacks

Can’t open a jar? Spices breaking the bank? Hate watered down coffee? Find out how to solve all of these and more with these Quick Kitchen & Life Hacks listed below! These life hacks will not just save you time but money as well. Kitchen & Life Hacks Jar Muscles We’re going jump right into…

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5 Cheap Ways to Get More FIBER in Your Diet

5 Way To Get More Fiber in Your Diet

Dietary fiber, the soulmate of number two…or something like that! I’m sure most of us can agree that getting fiber in your diet isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Today, we help change that! Here’s 5 Cheap Ways To Get Fiber in Your Diet! 5 Ways To Get Fiber Pumpkin Fiber We’re going…

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7 Quick & Easy LOW CARB Snacks

7 Low Carb Snacks

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I get asked what low carb snacks I like to eat. Rather than give you just 1, here are 7 Quick & Easy Low Carb Snacks you should be able to find almost anywhere! Low Carb Snacks Jerky We start with my favorite low carb snack,…

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